What I could say

-I could tell you I went to a University that instilled a business mindset into my in depth technical courses.

-I could tell you I’ve worked in the IT field for 16 years — nearly 12 years at the company I’m currently at.

-I could copy and paste my original job description (like all terrible hires do).

-I could then explain how I’ve done the job of a handful of people and expanded it well beyond that original job description.

-Instead, I am going to tell you what I want to do for you:

I want to anticipate your problems and solve them

You’re already doing great things. I want to support you on that journey.

Presently, as the Information Technology Manager at a software development company, I ensure that our 125 team members have functional technology and software to serve our customers well.

I like this guy. He asks great questions!

That was affirmation spoken to me by a commercial electric contractor in response to my questions during a new building construction meeting.

I want to bring you value. I ask the right questions to determine the correct steps to quickly get to a resolution. I cut through ambiguity so that I can execute and so that we can win.

Save the office drama & the backroom conversations.

At the risk of sound like the very person I’m trying to not be…

Some people seem to thrive on complaining about people, situations, projects, management, or team members. A little occasional “venting” is understandable — as long as it’s followed up by ACTION. See, I’m the type of person that is less interested in knowing the drama of why something is the way it is (or was — oh, those glory days of old!). I’m more interested in figuring out, together, what’s going on, identifying the desired outcome, and plotting actionable steps to MOVE FORWARD and WIN. #LessPontificating